ZORAOBER is a womenswear and accessories line create in 2017 by the Swiss designer Zora Oberhänsli.

Anchored in a slow design approach, the label re-introduces a human dimension into each garment, in order to tell a unique story through threads and techniques. Each creation communicates a savoir-faire, bringing a dimension of uniqueness to the daily life of the modern woman who wants to stand out from a pre-defined fashion.

The collections are produced in limited series and unique pieces using upcycled or natural materials for quality and sustainable garments.

Based between Geneva and Singapore the label proposes a wardrobe inspired by travels where cultures meet and dreams take form. 

The collections were featured in such magazines as Vogue Italia, Important magazine, Annabelle, Atlas, Honolulu, ICH, T magazine and the collection Les Ambrazurs was exposed at the  Swiss Design award and for the Grant BLCG in Geneva. 

“Each garment tells a story that is destined to evolve with to women wearing it”.